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Jeremy Kott D.D.S.


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Patient Testimonials

Having inherited bad teeth I have been seeing dentists since I was a young child.  I was fitted with a partial plate at 14 and was told that I would have a full set of dentures by 21.  I chose not to and took over my dental care which has involved many thousands of dollars and numerous hours in dental chairs.  Since many of my teeth were pulled saving the remaining ones was critical which resulted in quite a few root canals.  I believe that I am a qualified spokesperson in this arena.  Dr. Kott and his staff are the MOST caring group I’ve encountered.  My mouth has always been a challenge but he did not give up and eventually saved my tooth which helps support a massive bridge at the cost of $25k.  I’ve never experienced the follow up care that Dr. Kott offers and recommend him to anyone in need of endodontic care.  My thanks to you all. 

Carol B.

I would highly recommend Dr. Kott to anyone. He was extremely professional and explained everything thoroughly. Great location too! 

Jason P.

I unexpectedly needed a root canal the day before Thanksgiving, and although Dr. Kott was fully booked, he and his staff gave up or rearranged their lunch hours just so I would be able to have some pain relief (and also actually be able to eat Thanksgiving dinner). As a brand-new patient, I greatly appreciated their generosity and compassion. They are also very pleasant and professional.

Nicola D.

Dr. Jeremy Kott is AMAZING!!! His root canal procedure is fast and painless. He completed a root canal for me several years ago at his previous office. I had to do a bit of research to find him and told him I would've flown to Cincinnati if that's where he moved to. These reviews should certainly be taken into consideration when you want the BEST Endodontist in the State of Colorado!

Lori S.

This is the Doctor you need to see! Dr. Kott and his team stayed late to accommodate me, insuring I would be comfortable for my vacation I was departing for the following day. Dr. Kott is professional, skilled, gentle, and clam. Can't believe I am using 'wonderful' to describe a dental visit, but that's what the whole experience was. Thank you Dr. Kott and his team!

Leslie Ann V.

I have been to dentists in France and Germany but Dr. Kott and his team were the best in terms of equipment and patient care. As soon as I arrived for my root canal, I felt part of a family. The ambiance is Zen but really professional. Thank you guys for this great experience.

Georgina W.